New CP feed mill in China ready for take-off

New CP feed mill in China ready for take-off

Full testing is currently taking place in a brand new feed mill for CP near Hefei, China. Located in the province of Anhui, the 300.000 tonnes facility has been built by Bühler from Switzerland and will be in full operation soon. 

Written for VIV online by Mr. Ad Bal.

The demand for Pork is considerable in China. According to market analysis from Girafood, current consumption in the country accounts for about 60 million tons annually. And an increase is still going on. Good reason for CP in China to build a new state of art and high capacity feed mill in the Hefei, Anhui province region.

As a result, the new plant will primarily produce swine feed, both for use on their own farms and for pig farmers in the nearby area.


The entire facility was designed and built by feed mill manufacturer Bühler from Switzerland. This company has been present and active in China for almost a century.  They have built big state-owned feed mills already in the 1920s and 1970s and these are still in full operation.  Logically therefore, that there are no secrets in this field for Bühler in China. Hence, they had a solid foundation for building the new Hefei facility.

The new plant consists of four silos with a 2,500 tonnes capacity each. Three of these are made of steel and are used for storing wheat and corn. In a concrete silo, soy bean...

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