Natural Herbal Remedies Chicken Poultry Viral Respiratory Disease

Natural Herbal Remedies Chicken Poultry Viral Respiratory Disease

Plant Herbal Extract For Poultry Mix Viral Respiratory Disease - Multi Virus Saver


Per Kg Contain    
Dandelion---------5100mg                        Radix Isatidis---------------2100mg
Houttuynia cordata Thunb-----2100mg    Peppermint oil-------------3200mg
Radix bupleuri--------------------3200mg    Gypsum----------------------4100mg
Almond------------------------------2600mg   QS------------------------------1 Liter

Product Feature: 
1. 8 kinds Natural plants extract essential oils powerful combination effective treatment  for air sacculitis / respiratory disease caused by mixed infection with virus, mycoplasma and escherichia coli.
2. 0 drug residue can use in every breeding stage and no drug withdrawal for egg laying period.

Administration And Dosage
1g mix 1 liter drinking water . Continuous use for 5 days.

Shelf Life:   3 years.
Packing: 1kg / 500g / 100g Caution: Vet use only . far away from children .

We Are Professional Poultry Herbal Non Antibiotic Manufacturer / Exporter From China .  Advantage products like –  -Respiratory (Disease Caused by Fungus/Mycoplasma/ Mix Viral / Expectorant + Bronchial Embolism Medicine )

Antiviral      (Antiviral + Cure Flu (Early Fever) +Cure Respiratroy 4 Function One Medicine ) -Nutritional     (Exclusive Nanotechnology . High Absorptivity 4-5 Times Than Normal Product ) -Coccidium  ...

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