Natural Herbal Extract Treatment for Poultry Stomach Gastritis Disease

Natural Herbal Extract Treatment for Poultry Stomach Gastritis Disease


Natural Herbal Extract Treatemtn For Poultry Stomach (Gastritis) Disease - Stomach Guard 
Dosage From:  
Water Soluble Powder Advertising  
Main Compositions: Per Liter
Contain: Atractylodes sinensis--------2300mg       Anise oil,----------------------3100mg
Hawthorn-----------------------------------1600mg       Ginger oil----------------------1000mg
Eucommia---------------------------------1500mg        Ulmoides leaves extract--- 2700mg
Atractylodes---------------------------------750mg       QS-------------------------------1 Liter

Poultry Gastritis. Symptom: Broiler: Decrease in feed intake and slow weight gain. Appears weight loss, stiffness, paralysis, and Ataxia. if not control in time.Some disease chicken weight will be under 2.3 kg in 45 days age. other same batch chicken show black paste -stool.sulfur-stool. and undigested feed mix in stool.Severe cases in outbreak season.There is a large amount of intestinal mucosa in the stool. Part of the stool is sticky and flexible. Layer Or Breeder : Decreased feed intake. Decreased or no increase in egg production rate.Some chickens have loose stools and weight loss, with indigestible feed in their feces. The most common is pulling black mushy feces and sporadic deaths in severely ill chickens  

Dosage and administration: 
500ml per 200-250L drinking water. 500g mix water 150kg use for  3-5 days.

Packing: 500ml/bottle. 500g/sachet

Cuz  many chicken farms have adenomyosis gastritis when entering the new chicks, It is recommended to add this product to the chicks
Note: More good result use after stop feed 2-4...

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