NABC to go on a poultry trade mission to Uganda and Rwanda

NABC to go on a poultry trade mission to Uganda and Rwanda

The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) will visit Uganda and Rwanda in early October, for a trade mission which focuses on the poultry sector. Ten Dutch poultry companies have already registered for the 6-day trade mission, that will include visiting the VIV Africa poultry conference in Rwanda.

NABC is the leading network of Dutch companies that do business with Africa, and has 350 members. A majority of them is active in the agricultural sector – one of the main sources of income for this western European country. Despite being six times smaller than Uganda, The Netherlands is the second-largest producer of agricultural products in the world.

The October trade mission to Uganda strictly focuses on poultry, and includes a visit to the Poultry Africa expo and leadership conference in Kigali. “Uganda is a very fertile country and it grows a lot of cereals,” Paul van de Ven, board member of NABC and the leader of the poultry mission to Uganda, said. “Therefore it is well-positioned for the production of animal feed. Poultry is a very promising sector in Uganda.” 

The poultry sector in The Netherlands is quite extensive, with over 2,000 poultry companies and over 108 million animals. “Companies from the entire value chain are part of this trade mission,” Mr. Van de Ven said. “So you will see companies that...

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