Mix Viral Avian Flu Influenza Herbal Treatment

Mix Viral Avian Flu Influenza Herbal Treatment

Prevent / Treatment For Mix Viral Influenza.Promote Growth. Improve Immunity - Super Astrag Mix 
Dosage From: Water Soluble Powder

Main Composition:
Per kg contain Astragalus--------25000mg            Bupleurum---------------5000mg
Nepeta----------------------------------3100mg            Codonopsis--------------4300mg  
Licorice---------------------------------1300mg             Dandelion----------------3000mg  
Scutellaria-----------------------------1100mg             Houttuynia cordata-----1500mg
Honeysuckle--------------------------2300mg             QS-------------------------------1kg

1.Prevent and treatment for viral influenza for poultry.
2.Promote growth and reproduction of intestinal beneficial bacteria,inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria (E.coli), and improve the digestionand   absorption function. Promoting growth for broiler    
3.Detoxification. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory. Improve immunity.
4.Wide range of antiviral effects, It can be used as adjuvant treatment for infect    ious Gumboro, Newcastle disease, avian influenza and other viral diseases. this product can use every breeding stage with 0 side effect. 0 drug residue.

Recommended dosage:
Prevention: Per 1g mix drink water / feed 3 Liter / kg.
Treatment: Per 2g mix drink water / feed 1 Liter / kg.

Support Packing : 25kg .1kg .500g.


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