Misconception of Glasswool

When it comes to insulation, Glasswool is one of the insulation materials that people would often think of. However, between Glasswool and Reflective Insulation, there are more disadvantages to it than you think, especially in hot climate countries.

The mechanism of both insulations works completely different. Reflective insulation would reflect radiation heat out of the building while Glasswool would absorb in the heat, which is why density and thickness are important as higher in density and thickness can absorb more heat. Both materials serve to “insulate” heat that is entering the building via different mechanism.

With Glasswool, when the material reaches the highest point of its capability, which will happen rapidly in hot countries, it would find its way to release out the heat; thereby, resulting in the temperature inside to be even hotter than the outside. Contrary, reflective insulation focus on restraining and limiting the heat from entering into the building in the first place, which is why reflective insulation does not require density nor thickness but focuses on low emissivity. 


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