Middle East hot-spot for aquafeeds

Middle East hot-spot for aquafeeds

Look into the MEA area to find the current hot-spot for growth in producing aquatic feeds! The latest market data show it, delegates heard at an aquafeeds course held as part of the VIV MEA programme.

 This was the one-day short course on extrusion for aquafeed professionals presented in Abu Dhabi for the second time by International Aquafeed Magazine and organised by Dr. Mian Riaz, Head of the Extrusion Technology program at Texas A&M University, U.S.A. The course was attended by almost 40 participants from a spread of countries throughout the region. 

 In opening with a global update on the market for aquatic feeds, Roger Gilbert of Perendale Publishers indicated that the world production of commercial aquafeeds is probably around 50 million metric tons per year at present. Forecasts suggest it could be close to 90 million tons annually by the middle of the next decade. Among the fed species, the largest volumes are for Chinese carp, tilapia, shrimp and catfish. But there are over 400 different species of finfish and crustaceans to feed, compared with just 18 species for terrestrial livestock.

 While aquaculture production continues to grow, however, recent Alltech surveys have found little annual growth in aquafeed output globally, dragged down by...

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