MEVAC For Veterinary Vaccines

MEVAC For Veterinary Vaccines

MEVAC For Veterinary Vaccines

(Global Technology For Better Protection)

MEVAC is International Facility For Veterinary Vaccines Production with International Accreditations “ Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) , ISO 9001 , ISO 18001 , ISO 14001 “.

MEVAC officially launched in 2011 with an “Egyptian & American partnership” utilizing the most recent global technologies in the vaccines production with an international quality standards with more than 250 Employees working inside MEVAC.


Providing High Quality Effective Solutions For Better Animal Health with International Quality Standards.


Ensure safety, potency and efficacy of veterinary vaccines using international technology standards To defend the community against the threats of emerging infectious diseases by customizing vaccines for local specific diseases.

⭐️ MEVAC plays an important role in improving and protecting animal health in order to protect human health, food safety and reach a healthy community by reducing the spread of epidemic diseases that are constantly changing and threatening livestock...

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