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Meet us at the Mycotoxins Conference 2019

Meet us at the Mycotoxins Conference 2019

On March 12th, the day before VIV’Asia 2019, make sure to mark your agenda for the Mycotoxins Conference 2019. @Yohann Laurent, Asia Business Developer, will talk about Wisium specific in vivo ducklings model to assess AFB1-binding ability.

Aflatoxins, secondary metabolites of various Aspergillus spp., are highly toxic to animals and can significantly impact poultry zootechnical performances. In order to study the toxins effects on animals, but also assess the efficiency of products against Aflatoxins B1 in feed, Wisium has developed a specific, rapid and reproductible in vivo model on ducklings. 

The ducklings in vivo model, based on modification of physiologic but also zootechnical parameters, allows to evaluate alfatoxins B1 impacts on the animals but also to assess toxin binders efficiency. The model requires low levels of toxins (realistic...

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