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Marel Poultry at VIV Asia 2019

Marel Poultry at VIV Asia 2019

Providing valuable new insights

Marel Poultry succeeded once again in attracting a big pack of people to its stand at VIV Asia in Bangkok. Especially the demonstrations and presentations worked out magnificently. During all three days, the crowded house created a perfect exhibition ambiance, and all visitors left our stand with new, fresh insights about poultry processing.

The audience visiting the Marel Poultry stand came from Thailand in the first place, followed by visitors from surrounding countries – especially Vietnam was far better represented than ever before – and from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and even China and India. Surprising was also the turnout of Australian companies at VIV Asia. All of the country’s important processors showed up at VIV Asia. Traveling the most distance was the delegation from Ethiopia, who took a lot of interest in the Marel Poultry stand. Among these nationalities Marel Poultry’s team recognized many familiar faces, but also a great number of new parties fired their questions at the stand crew during the three busy days at VIV Asia. 


Food for thought

Most attractive spectacle of our stand was the live manual cutting presentation, hosted by Iris Gerritsma and cutting master Paul Voorbij. Iris commented how our Marel Poultry machines go about to mimic the movements of a skilled manual cut, while Paul showed those manual cuts in real-life. During these “cutting edge showcase” sessions, each time gathering some 100 people in our booth, the audience was clearly captivated by the subject and stayed to watch the full 20 minutes. This cut-up presentation compelled processors to think about the impact on their daily operations in terms of human labor, instead of just looking at a piece of stainless steel they can buy. The clear explanations in this cutting- demo turned out to be very valuable food for thought for many professionals in the industry.


The impact of AMF-i

The running AMF-i configuration also aroused great interest. Automated, intelligent breast cap filleting is certainly a hot issue in South-East Asia, where labor availability is decreasing too, just like in the rest of the world. VIV Asia 2019 seems to be exactly the rightly timed moment for Marel Poultry to position AMF-i as the reference for breast cap filleting in South-East Asia. Many processors took the chance to see this solution at work and...

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