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Managing aviary birds is easier than you think

Managing aviary birds is easier than you think

Extensive studies of laying hen behaviour taught us that birds perform best in a system similar to their natural environment. The Bolegg Gallery is a multi-tier aviary system for layers that combines user friendliness with a clever and economic design. While birds can follow their natural behaviour resulting in optimal laying performance.

At the heart of many Vencomatic systems is their laying nest. This nest is based on  innovations, such as the Vencomat, the tipping floor and the egg belt. Innovations that make the difference along the Egg way ensuring outstanding egg quality. The well-known Vencomatic nest is integrated in the Bolegg Gallery. 

Efficient collection of quality eggs
Minimising the loss in collecting quality eggs is first of all a matter of preventing floor eggs. A hen has the natural tendency to look for a safe, clean and sheltered place to lay her eggs. For successful egg production it is essential to provide a comfortable nest that allows this behaviour and is easy to access. The Bolegg Gallery is a multi-tier aviary system providing maximal living area, with easy accessible feed, water and nesting areas within one level. The system follows the proven tree-concept, encouraging natural bird movement throughout the system. 

Secondly, it is key to preserve the high quality of the eggs at lay. The design of the Vencomat, which is integrated in the nest, ensures minimum contact with the eggs. Through the perfect angle of the nest, eggs gently roll away, directly after lay, protecting them from damage by the birds. All 3 tiers of the Bolegg Gallery are equipped with egg belts, enabling automatic collection of...

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Steffie Jansen

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