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Lincoln Premium Poultry opens milestone facility

Lincoln Premium Poultry opens milestone facility

Exclusive Marel Poultry project in Fremont, Nebraska USA

On Saturday 19 October 2019, Lincoln Premium Poultry, the exclusive supplier of poultry products to US wholesaler Costco opened its world-class processing facility in Fremont, Nebraska. The plant is among the most technologically advanced in the world, equipped throughout with high-tech full line solutions from Marel. Three parallel processing lines allow Lincoln Premium Poultry to process two million chickens a week.

The 360,000 square-foot Lincoln Premium Poultry (LPP) facility is almost exclusively equipped with Marel Poultry solutions that will process chicken from live bird to finished consumer packs. Three parallel lines each have a capacity of 8,400 bph [140 bpm]. They feature three identical live supply, stunning, defeathering, evisceration and chilling departments, including three separated Shock/Maturation air chill tunnels.

Animal well-being

When conceiving the total concept, LPP and Marel Poultry not only addressed technology and automation, but also important themes such as sustainability, animal well-being, food safety and traceability.

Costco’s CEO Craig Jelinek said in his opening speech, “This highly automated plant will primarily address animal welfare concerns and increasingly difficult labor issues.” Pointing out the matter of animal well-being, he clearly referred to Marel Poultry’s ATLAS live bird handling system, combined with CAS SmoothFlow anesthetization. LPP is one of the trendsetters in North America committing itself to ensuring maintenance of the highest standards of animal well-being. A primary process using three ATLAS and three CAS SmoothFlow systems reflects this ideal.


Massive impact

Using Marel Poultry’s latest technologies, LPP will raise yields and quality while reducing waste in its production, making an important contribution towards more sustainable poultry production. Craig Jelinek said in his speech, “We try to be state-of-the art in everything we do, and that’s what we did here in Fremont. I’ve been in lots of chicken plants, but I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw this plant today.” Costco’s CEO was clearly impressed by the massive impact of Marel Poultry’s systems and solutions in LPP’s facility. Not only the threefold configuration in primary processing from live bird reception to evisceration and chilling makes a striking impression. The data-driven distribution process using SmartWeigher and IRIS vision grading, both ensuring optimal use of each product, is just as overwhelming. The same goes for the immense cut-up, filleting and packing lines, including Thigh Filleting Systems, AMF-i breast filleting systems, SensorX bone detection systems as well as the first RoboBatcher in the USA, batching retail trays incredibly fast with the least give-away.

“What you see here is a world-class poultry complex." 
Walt Shafer, COO at Lincoln Premium Poultry

Walt Shafer, COO at Lincoln Premium Poultry, added in his speech, “What you see here is a world-class poultry complex. After spending years in poultry I couldn’t think of a better outcome than what we’ve built here in Nebraska.”


The software connecting all equipment and processes plays a vital role and gives LPP’s managers a full overview to monitor, control and optimize production. Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software provides full traceability throughout the plant, connecting...

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