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Let´s talk Poultry - Elanco at VIV MEA 2018, Abu Dhabi

In the presence of hundreds of animal producers from the Middle East Area and Africa, the regional Elanco Animal Health team  was pleased to talk about poultry at the 2018 VIV MEA.  

In the bright Elanco booth, the team welcomed customers, channel partners and other interested parties to discuss about Poultry vaccines, Enzymes  and Bio-protection.  

Elanco is very committed to the poultry business and has a range of products in its poultry portfolio addressing some of the challenges that poultry producers might face.

Commonly known challenges like Newcastle disease, Gumboro (IBD), Chicken Anemia or Salmonella, to mention a few ones, can be addressed by Elanco´s vaccine portfolio.

In addition, our bio protection range affects house-flies (musca domestica) - which are among the most important pests in livestock and poultry production systems. House-flies are capable of carrying more than 65 disease organisms that affect humans and animals.

Our anticoccidials and enzymes respond to Intestinal Integrity issues. Feed...

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