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Latest Philippine stable, reliable and high-quality extruded feed project


In December 2018, a 10,000-ton feed complete engineering extruding production line  in Philippines constructed by ZHENG CHANG realized successful completion. At present, it has been officially put into operation.


The smooth implementation of a project is inseparable from the support and efforts of all parties. Before the project starts, ZHENG CHANG communicated with customers in time, accurately identified customers’ needs, and provided customers with accurate customized services from technology design, civil construction, electrical design to equipment and electrical installation.


Since the project was formally started, ZHENG CHANG technical team has been fully engaged in the project construction. They worked overtime to ensure the early production, and tried their best to create a stable, reliable, and high-quality project.

Advantages of the project


Choose differential processing technology and intelligent equipment to improve feed quality and profitability.


Through the introduction of automated, intelligent equipment to significantly reduce labor costs, to help customers improve efficiency, reduce the operating costs of feed mills.
ZhengChang's unique 6+2 (360°) Perfect Service System with pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale whole process tracking will customize service content for our customers. 


With the joint efforts of both sides, the project proceeded smoothly. During the construction process, ZHENG CHANG could find out the problems in advance and solve them in...

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