Latest high-quality TMR cattle and sheep feed project

As the key development area of "the Belt and Road", Kashi, Xinjiang, with animal husbandry as one of the local pillar industries, its extensive and traditional breeding habits fail to help the herdsmen get rid of poverty.


Stout and strong sheep in spring and autumn 


Thin and weak sheep in winter

Sheep are usually stout and strong, but become thin and weak in winter, which has always been the helplessness of local herdsmen.
Every year when snow blocked the mountains, the local government has to make great efforts to allocate large quantities of forage from Qinghai, Gansu and other places to help cattle and sheep survive the long winter. In spite of the huge investment, they still cannot meet the needs of healthy growth of cattle and sheep in Kashi. How to make them strong and healthy becomes a problem that has been troubling the local animal husbandry and herdsmen.

ZHENG CHANG TMR (Total Mixed Rations) cattle and sheep feed technology 


Since 2015, the Animal Husbandry Bureau of Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County has organized a systematic investigation of cattle and sheep feed factories in Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other provinces. Through scientific argumentation on the processing technology, production cost, feeding pattern, storage and transportation of cattle and sheep feed, site survey for cattle and sheep feed ruminant factory constructed by many well-known domestic feed machinery suppler, they finally selected ZHENG CHANG, which owns the patented technology of TMR cattle and sheep feed, to undertake the local demonstration project.


ZHENG CHANG professional team provided a comprehensive design program from the overall planning, layout design, process design, equipment personalization, installation and debugging, electrical control, to production technology, etc.
During the construction, ZHENG CHANG installation team overcome a series of difficulties such as plateau anoxia, maladjustment. After three months of struggle, they completed the first TMR sheep feed mill in Kashi, Xinjiang on schedule, and won the praise of the local government and herdsmen!
The project includes three 508 pelleting production lines, which can produce TMR cattle and sheep ruminant feed, pure straw, forage pellets, various biomass pellets, fine cattle and sheep feed, fine powder feed, etc., to fundamentally help local farmers to solve the breeding problem.

Project advantages:


It has the advantages of large-scale production, high-temperature sterilization, flexible nutrition ratio, convenient storage and transportation, no waste of residue, especially in line with the rumination digestion characteristics of cattle and sheep....

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