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Latest Bangladesh livestock & poultry feed production line


Recently, the double 420D livestock and poultry feed production lines in Joypurhat, Bangladesh, has been successfully installed, and now is during the debugging stage.
In the previous good cooperation, ZHENG CHANG engineers tried their best to comprehensively considerate various factors, administrate the progress, the safety and the quality of the project, on the basis of consensus, laying a solid foundation for later cooperation.


ZHENG CHANG technical team was greatly responsible and worked together to create a high-quality project to meet customer’s requirements, to build a harvest production line with happiness for customer. With the joint efforts of both sides, the project proceeded smoothly. 


Before the project starts, ZHENG CHANG communicated with customers in time, accurately identified customers’ needs, provided customers with accurate customized services, and a comprehensive design program from the overall planning, layout design, process design, equipment personalization, installation and debugging, electrical control, to production technology, etc.


Advantages of the project
High quality: Choose differential processing technology and intelligent equipment to improve feed quality and profitability.
High efficiency: Through the introduction of automated, intelligent equipment to significantly reduce labor costs, to help customers improve efficiency, reduce the operating costs of feed mills.
Low consumption: Through the reminder service of efficient products, like effective production, shutdown, maintenance, intelligent optimization can be realized.


So far, ZHENG CHANG has built all feed factories for this customer, which fully demonstrates the customer's affirmation and support...

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