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Largest egg farm in China chooses Bolidt floors

Largest egg farm in China chooses Bolidt floors

Bolidt's innovative floor systems can be found in hatcheries and slaughterhouses all over the world. Bolidt took its first steps in China for the American breeding company Cobb-Vantress. Bolidt installed the floors for the Chinese production site of this world market leader. HuaYu Hatchery, China's largest egg farm, has now also chosen Bolidt's floor systems.

European standards The hatchery of HuaYu Hatchery is built in Handan, in the province of Hebei in China, and has a total capacity of 55 million laying hens per year. For HuaYu and its parent company Hy-Line, hygiene and food safety are of vital importance, as is the case all over the world in the poultry industry. Every effort must be made to prevent an outbreak of bacteria. The floor makes an important contribution to this, especially during the production process. HuaYu Hatchery has therefore chosen to set up its new hatchery according to European standards. This is reflected in the decision to go for Bolidt floors and HatchTech incubators.

Problem-free installation HatchTech is a manufacturer of innovative incubators based in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, and also sets up complete hatcheries and integrations,...

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Dennis Van Grevenbroek

Dennis Van Grevenbroek

Sales Manager, Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems

Although the poultry industry might not jump to mind when thinking about innovation, it definitely should! Innovations regarding hygiene and safety are our main focus. In addition, the poultry industry is evolving with changing demands from the market. How does this affect the flooring requirements? Would you like to learn more about our flooring and wall solutions for the poultry industry? Let’s connect.

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