Koozii, the biggest and most comfortable nest for happy hens and growers

Koozii, the biggest and most comfortable nest for happy hens and growers

Roxell launches a new version of the Koozii® group nest. Central to this generation of automated nests is the comfort and welfare of the hens and very careful handling of eggs. Roxell now offers a comprehensive range of nests for broiler breeders and commercial layers. There is now a Koozii group nest for every size of house and every possible layout, regardless of the regional differences, such as climate, stocking density and the specific needs of the poultry farmer.

Optimal conditions for happy hens 

The Koozii group nest has all the features required to make a hen feel comfortable. The nest has the largest nesting areas for broiler breeders or commercial layers. The nest sections are on average 8% larger than other nests on the market. For a poultry farmer, the nest volume is an important factor, because more space means more oxygen and a more pleasant climate. The perforated AstroTurf mat contributes to this. This artificial mat with small holes has the additional advantage that dirt is carried away from the nest. This means the nest stays clean. At the nest entrance, Koozii also has a step and curtains. For the hen, it’s an entrance to a safe space with lots of shade, mimicking the conditions they prefer in nature. Lots of space, oxygen, a clean nest floor and safety create a very high nest acceptance. Koozii creates a very natural environment for a hen to lay eggs.

Careful handling of eggs

For the hatchery, eggs need to be clean and undamaged with no hairline cracks. The Koozii nest helps poultry farmers to achieve this result. Because the AstroTurf keeps the nest clean, the eggs also stay clean. Then the Koozii quickly yet softly rolls the eggs to the egg belt, out of sight of the hens. Critical transition points, such as at the transport belt or the egg collection table, have been thoroughly tested by Roxell. Tests show that eggs easily glide over these transition points. During the transport from the nest, there will be no damage or hairline cracks. The requirement for the eggs in the...

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