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Keep it cool

Keep it cool

Innovative climate system cools and heats poultry houses and reduces fine dust by 80%

People and animals were struggling with the heat records that Europe has been facing last weeks , but the laying hens of the Verbeek family in Lunteren, the Netherlands, were doing well. While the outside temperature reached 42˚C, the temperature in their new poultry house remained below 29˚C. And the free-range chickens could still go outside if they wanted. It is thanks to the innovative climate system, Eco-Zero, developed by Vencomatic Group in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research.

Also the Eco-Zero system ensures a much less dusty poultry house and limits the emission of fine dust to 80%. So no power-consuming air conditioner, but...

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Steffie Jansen

Steffie Jansen

Marketing, Vencomatic Group

Vencomatic Group is a leading company in the poultry sector. It is our ambition to bring poultry husbandry to a higher level. For this, we develop and market sustainable, animal-friendly products. We are proud to pioneer and create the best products together with our customers. Think ahead with poultry people.

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