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JOINSHA Vitamin Premix-Hall No.105-909.


Joinsha Vitamin premix are added to feedstuff to meet the vitamin demands of swine,poultry and aquatic animals under intensive feeding conditions, so as to promote transformation of nutrient substance in feed, prevent vitamin deficiency and improve resistance to stress and disease. 

As the reliable feed premix and feed additives manufacturer since 1952,Joinsha Animal Health Products(Xiamen) Co., Ltd provide perfect vitamin premix products and services for our customers for more than 60 years.

The Characteristics of the Joinsha Vitamin Premix:

  • Freshness: Use fresh vitamin monomer as raw materials.
  • Twice Conversion: Perform twice conversion of vitamin B1, B6, calcium pantothenate according to their contents of active ingredients.
  • Branding: Select each vitamin from the first-branded manufacturers at home and abroad, to ensure only stable encapsulated vitamin monomers are used for production.
  • Ideal carrier: Use...

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