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JOINSHA Compound emulsifier for animal health-Hall105-909


    To meet animal's energy demand in modern intensive production and high density farming,farmers usually add fat in feed to improve the daily body weight and decrease the FCR.However,the bile salt secreted by digestive tracts might be insufficient eighter absolutely or relatively,which not only waste money and decrease the production profits but also have a negative impact on the health of livestock and poultry.Therefore,improving the absorption of fat is the low-cost and the most economical way for animal nutritionists.To add the emulsifier to feed is the most effective way for improving the absorption of fat.

    MENON Emulsifier is a phospholipid type compound emulsifier autonomously developed and manufactured by Joinsha Animal Health Products (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd. As a type of compound emulsifier, it produced and remixed by special...

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