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Jodoco, the Belgium based company

Jodoco, the Belgium based company

Jodoco is a Belgium based company. One of its core-competences is the application of liquid betaine called Jodobet® with a betaine concentration up to 35%. It is a natural product originating from the extraction of sugar beets. We believe that natural betaine sources perform superior compared to betaine HCl for a number of reasons among which the better solubility and the faster dissolvability in the gut are major factors. Both, in-vitro and in-vivo experiments have provided convincing evidence for this claim. As a liquid Jodobet® can be included in both drinking water as well in the feed. Sometimes, water application is preferred when quick action at farm level is needed. 

Why betaine in diets for swine and poultry

Betaine is known already for a long time for its versatile properties in a number of animal species. The main physiological role of betaine is to function as a methyl donor and an osmolyte. Betaine acts as an osmolyte and keep water inside the cells. Consequently, it maintains the cellular water and ion balance to improve the capacity against heat stress periods or after an outbreak of diarrhea. Betaine may promote various intestinal microbes against osmotic variations and thus improve microbial fermentation activity. Well-documented studies...

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