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Intelligent high-end pig feed factory


In October 2014, the listed company Jin Xin Nong in Shenzhen was focusing on the development of high-end feed and technological industrial chain, signed an investment cooperation agreement with Jiujiang, Wuhu district government, to establish Anhui Jin Xin Nong biological feed Co. Ltd., a modern, intelligent high-end pig feed production factory with an annual output of 500 thousand tons and investment of 250 million RMB, covering an area of 120 mu.

The project has 9 production lines, including five 420 production lines, two extruding production lines and two 10t/h compound premix production lines, five corn silos with capacity of 2000 tons, two high-quality corn and sorghum silos with capacity of 600 tons, six soybean meal insulation silos with capacity of 300 tons, enmeshed drag conveyer and bucket elevator.




The whole project was built by ZHENG CHANG in 2016, with precise 3D digital factory design, prefabricated components design according to the standard module, high-quality main equipment, ERP management system. The installation process can be fully controlled, each part of the project is connected according to the standard, to create a production line with harvest and happiness for customers.                                                                  


Since 2009, ZHENG CHANG has constructed 5 high-quality piglet feed production lines for Jin Xin Nong, to help it go public and became its most trusted partner.

The first cooperation between ZHENG CHANG and Fujian Jin Xin Nong was in 2009, constructed 4 pig feed production lines with capacity of 30t/h: two 420D pelleting production lines, one 250 maturing production line, one premix unit with capacity of 5t/h. The whole project used the new generation of ZHENG CHANG piglet feed equipment, with more stable performance and lower processing costs.

In 2011, ZHENG CHANG constructed a pig feed project with an annual output...

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