Incubators: More capacity, same footprint

Ultra Compact Tray, form EMKA Incubators

Up to 138.240 eggs in single or multi stage.

The UCT-tray (Ultra Compact Tray) allows for slotting of the trays one into the other, 5 trays per level (see  Fig. 1 comparison 150 trays & UCT) and 16 levels high. It gives the reinforced trolley a new capacity of 5.760 eggs per trolley. The capacity of the setter has now increased from 115.200 eggs to 138.240. This brings the single-stage capacity to one of the highest on the market today while still keeping quality of incubation.

The UCT is now stackable. (see Fig. 2) The advantages are numerous.

  • The eggs can easily be collected on the farm
  • The full trays are easily manipulated by the staff
  • The trays can be stacked onto a pallet for easy transport to the hatchery or
  • are easily loaded on farm trolleys or setter trolleys even by smaller people
  • Fumigation of the eggs can be done either on the farm or upon reception of the eggs in the hatchery. The bio-security is therefor increased significantly because the eggs don’t need  to be handled in the hatchery prior to them going into the coldstore
  • Can be fully automated

Contrary to large rectangular trays often used for compact trays in Europe, the weight of the EMKA Incubators UCT-72 stackable tray is such that it requires no effort to carry the trays and place them on the farm trolley.

Of course the incubators supplied with the UCT are adapted to properly handle the...

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