Immune Booster Poultry Fedd Supplement Layer Broiler Vitamin Ad3e Oral Solution

Immune Booster Poultry Fedd Supplement Layer Broiler Vitamin Ad3e Oral Solution


Exclusive Nanotechnology Production Process. Absorption Rate Higher 5-8 Times.  - Nano Via- ADE Dosage From: Oral Solution

Main Litter Not Less Than 
Vitamin A----------------------500000IU       Vitamin D3------------------  5000000IU
Vitamin E-----------------------25000mg       QS---------------------------------------1 Liter

Indication: For the prevention of vitamin A,D,E deficiencies in poultry .
1.Vitamin E : Commonly known as tocopherol. Excellent oxidation resistance. Maintain cell integrity and promote cell synthesis. Anti-cell attenuation and disease, promote ovarian gonadal development. Promote ovarian gonadal development. It is the most powerful vitamin to improve the body's immunity.
2.Vitamin A: It can promote growth and maintain normal functions of epithelial tissues such as skin, conjunctiva, and cornea. Participate in many oxidation processes in the body.V- A  deficient, growth almost stops, bone growth getting slowly, reproductive function declines, skin rough, dry, cornea softens.
3.Vitamin D3: Has an important effect on calcium and phosphorus metabolism and bone growth. It can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine and renal tubules. When vitamin D ideficient. Absorb ability about calcium and phosphorus decreases, blood calcium and phosphorus levels become low, calcium and phosphorus cannot be deposited on bone tissue and eggshells.

Fat-soluble vitamins are insoluble in water, only soluble in oils, Oil absorption must be emulsified by bile, Therefore, fat-soluble vitamins must have enough oil and bile secretion to be absorbed, Therefore, ordinary fat-soluble vitamins are relatively poorly absorbed in the body. ADE Nano Solution Uses advanced solvent technology. Separate its lipid particle size to 10-100 nm. It can 100% dissolved in water. can be absorbed directly in the body without the assistance of oil and bile. Experiments show that the Absorption rate of Nano-level vitamins can be increased by 5 - 8 times than fat-soluble

Dosage:1ml mix water 10  liter Shelf life: 2...

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