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I-Flush total hygiene solution

I-Flush total hygiene solution

The Impex I-Flush total hygiene solution is an automatic flushing system for drinking lines in poultry houses used in floor and cage drinking systems. When expanded with the several available sensors, this total solution can flush the drinking lines fully automatically without any effort of the poultryfarmer. 

1: I-Control flush computer:
The I-Control flush computer is the basis of the I-Flush total hygiene solution. This computer controls the entire flushing system by processing information received from the various sensors. With the I-Control flush computer, settings can be customized to meet the following individual preferences:

• Duration of the flushing program: to preset specific flushing preferences in the I-Control.
• No water wastage: the computer can calculate and pre-set the exact amount of water to fill or flush the drinking lines. This option is available for a maximum of 1 drinking line per group.
• The flushing program can be interrupted when medicating to prevent medication wastage.
• Option of single, total or automatic flush.

The I-Control requires a 110V or 240V connection and is used for up to 10 groups and if there is a sufficient water supply up to 3 drinking lines per group.

2: I-Flow pressure regulator:
The I-Flow pressure regulator has a manual flush option. To automatically flush the drinking lines, an optional actuator can be connected to the built-in solenoid valve on top of the pressure regulator. The solenoid valve is built in the pressure regulator, so there is no interference with other parts of the drinking system and optimal flushing system operation is guaranteed.

3: I-Flow end air outlet set:
The I-Flow end air outlet set is installed at the end of each drinking line. The end set has three exits: one for the air outlet tube, one to connect a drainage pipe for flushing and one for use when the drinking line is drained. To open or close the end set, the integrated two-way ball valve is used. The air outlet tube automatically closes during flushing. The I-Flow end set can be used for various drinking systems, using different types of clamps and connectors.

4: Drainage:
A connection can be made between the I-Flow end air outlet...

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