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I-CARE, hydrolized yeast for young animals

I-CARE, hydrolized  yeast for young animals

I-CARE is hydrolysed yeast from Kluyveromyces fragilis. Hydrolysis process guarantees a good and consistent quality as well as high nutrient availability. In young animals, the immune system is not fully developed and they require highly digestible nutrient to improve their feed intake and their gut integrity and function.

I-CARE is a natural source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins as well as bioactive component to improve young animal welfare and stimulate feed consumption right from the start.

  • Increased Feed Intake
  • Increased Palatability of Feed
  • Improved Animal Welfare
  • Enhanced Growth Performance
  • Prebiotics Effects

Recommended dosage:                                  0,5 – 2% in starter feed




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