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Hydrolyzed yeast as a functional protein source for young animals

Hydrolyzed yeast as a functional protein source for young animals


First hurdles in early life

For many animals, early life is the most difficult phase. The immune system and intestinal physiology are not yet fully developed – which makes young animals more susceptible to disease. At the same, young animals need to optimally develop and grow. Changes in feed are a burden that often leads to less feed intake and higher susceptibility to disease. To survive these stressful phases and prevent disease, young animals need highly-available sources of protein for good growth and development along with functional feed components for healthy intestinal microbiota.

Focus on hydrolyzed yeasts

Hydrolyzed yeasts are currently in focus as a "functional protein source" in the feeding of young animals. They deliver highly-digestible proteins and provide a source of amino acids, nucleic acids and immunomodulatory yeast cell wall components – therefore a "functional" protein source.

The yeasts are extracted by hydrolysis, a gentle process in which all nutrients are released and made more available for high digestibility. The yeast cells are released into yeast cell wall components (30%) and yeast extract (70%). Hydrolyzed yeast products contain both components of the yeast cell wall – mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans – along with the constituents of the yeast extract: highly digestible proteins, essential and functional amino acids such as the umami-tasting glutamic acid, nucleic acids as a source of nucleotides, vitamins and minerals. Beneficial effects of the nucleotides include faster intestinal recovery, e.g. after diarrhea, and a faster immune response in different disease situations. The digestibility of hydrolyzed yeast is comparable to animal...

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