How to safeguard your business in times of coronavirus?

How to safeguard your business in times of coronavirus?


When the virus spreads, people’s health has top priority. However, businesses, especially those of systemic importance, need to carry on as well. For as entrepreneurs, we have the responsibility to ensure that our employees and their families, our companies and our society are all protected from harm in the best possible way.

Apart from the necessary health and hygiene precautions, there are structural measures you can undertake to allow your business to function.

Here’s what you could do:

  • Separate business units, wherever possible. In Germany, health authorities have conceded that even after a case of coronavirus infection has been detected in one business unit, the other units may remain open, as long as physical separation can be guaranteed.
  • Separate your teams and let them work in shifts. If teams can operate physically separated, one team or shift can keep up the work even if someone from another team or shift has been taken ill. Take care to disinfect control and common rooms in between shifts.
  • Do not forget breaks: Employees from different teams and units should not mix or meet at all, not even during smoking breaks or in their free time.
  • Allow for mobile working, wherever possible. Your headquarters may be staffed with only a handful of people while most of administration work from home using cloud and digital communication services.
  • Postpone or cancel all external contacts, such...

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Anne-Kathrin Blässe

Anne-Kathrin Blässe

Team Manager Marketing, Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition GmbH & Co. KG

Anne-Kathrin Blässe, who holds a doctorate in biology and is a rabbit-breeding expert, first started working in Product Management in 2012. She soon joined our Marketing Department, and now manages the marketing team. Trade fairs and events are her speciality. She is the creative force behind our popular giveaways and marketing campaigns.

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