How to Optimize and Upgrade the Technology System and Equipment of Feed Enterprises

With the rapid development of economy, the increasingly fierce market competition and the higher quality requirements of livestock and poultry have appeared. If enterprises want to seize opportunities, they need to make changes. ZHENG CHANG has always been committed to optimizing and upgrading technology and equipment, to improve production line capacity and feed quality, reduce labor cost, and enhance the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises.

01 Increase the capacity of production line to expand market share

Increase production lines, use high-performance equipment and new processing technology to increase the total production capacity:

Batching system: improve batching speed, shorten batching time, and replace batching and mixing system with larger capacity; for instance, single-scale system can be upgraded to double-scale or three-scale system, and the specification of dosing screw conveyor can be adjusted to increase the dosing batch.


Upgrade the batching system


Add microelement batching scale and premix bin


Reduce manual adding

Crushing system: use high-performance grinding equipment or increase the number of grinding system to improve the capacity, and ensure that the fineness of raw materials can meet the requirements of formula.


Add grinding equipment

Pelleting system: based on the improved batching and mixing capacity, use pelleting equipment with larger capacity or increase the number of pelleting system to further increase the capacity. Upgrade the conditioning system by prolonging conditioning time and raising expanding temperature to improve product quality and capacity.


Add pelleting equipment


Use pelleting equipment with larger capacity


Use upgraded customized pelleting equipment


Apply new pelleting processing technology with expander’s pre-treatment 


Use expanding technology to produce high-grade feed with larger capacity

02 Improve feed quality to enhance the competitiveness in an all-round way

● Apply high-quality and high-performance products (for piglet feeding)

Use high-quality piglet feed for easier digestion, absorption and larger feed intake.
Use scientific formula to make feed with balanced nutrition, to minimize diarrhea and the incidence of disease.
Increase the feeding amount of weaned piglets to avoid stress reaction.

For selecting piglet feed: strict raw material purchase standard, advanced piglet feed formula technology, advanced processing technology and quality control technology combined with good feeding method can help achieve the best effect.

● Apply new processing technology

For high-quality piglet feed, ZHENG CHANG provides corn peeling technology (or color sorter to remove musty corn), to remove dust on the surface and to eliminate musty corn germ.

Through the contrast test between feed factory and farmers, ZHENG CHANG has come to the conclusion that expanded piglet feed with 40% - 60% starch gelatinization degree can help farmers achieve the best feeding effect and profitability. The fifth-generation expanding technology newly developed by ZHENG CHANG ensures the absolute advantages of piglet feed in terms of breeding effect, detoxifying effect, water solubility, palatability and expanding degree.


Apply conditioner to the pelleting system for common aquatic and livestock & poultry feed production.


Common production line equipped with a new...

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