How to make high-output and precise diet for large-scale laying hens farm


21 weeks to 72 weeks of laying hens are regarded as a laying period, which is generally divided into pre-laying period, peak laying period and post-laying period. During the laying period, the change of laying rate and egg weight shows a certain regularity.

Pre-laying period means the period from the beginning to the peak of laying (21-26 weeks). During this period, the rate of laying eggs increases rapidly, with a weekly increase of 12% to 20%, while the weight of hens and eggs also increase. Hens weight gain is 4-5g per day, egg weight gain is about 1g per week.
Egg-laying rate is usually more than 85% at the peak period of laying, and more than 90% at the age of 28 weeks. Normally, the peak period of laying can be maintained for 3-4 months. During this period, the egg weight does not change much and the weight of hens increases slightly.
In the post-laying period, the laying rate decreases gradually, about 0.5% per week. The weight of eggs is relatively large and the hens weight increases. Until the age of 72 weeks, the laying rate drops to 65%-70%.


According to the laying law of laying hens, in order to increase the annual egg production, we should make efforts to accelerate the early emergence of the peak laying period and extend the duration of the peak laying period as far as possible. ZhengChang Feed Science and Technology collects various data, and explains how to adjust the feeding formula from various angles, combining with the experience of laying hens diet formulation production in the past twenty years. 

1.Stage feeding
Stage feeding is to divide the laying period into several stages according to the laying rate and week age of laying hens. Different stages use diets of different nutritional levels. On the basis of research and development of products and according to practical experience, ZhengChang Feed Science and Technology has developed a "fine feeding mode" for laying hens, which not only meets the nutritional needs, but also avoids wasting feed. 
Brooding period 0-60 days
Improve the immunity of laying hens. Scientific and balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio can ensure the healthy growth of chicken bones.
Breeding period   61-110 days
Body weight and shape should reach the standard, secondary sexual characteristics of reproductive system should well develop. Adjust uniformity to more than 90.
Transition period   111 - 180 days
Rapid gonadal development lays a good foundation for the production of chickens.
Peak period   181-400 days
Producing high-quality eggs, the peak...

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