How to control the moisture content of feed products in winter


We can control corn moisture, extend cooling time, turn up the level indicator, or slow down the pelleting speed. If we produce 15-ton pig feed per hour with 1:4 ring die, but in order to control the water content, it can be reduced to 13 tons.


1. Firstly, we should control the moisture content of raw materials, especially the moisture content of corn. Corn with over 16.0% moisture content is not conducive to the production process. The moisture control of semi-finished products mainly lies in the raw materials. Corn can be taken from the crushing bin to measure the moisture content and check the moisture content in the process, which is also a good way to verify the acceptance of corn.

2. Production process:
A. The compression ratio of ring die should be as high as possible (Do not affect palatability).
B. Control the pelleting speed, especially the material with large aperture and large production capacity.
C. The effect of air network. The power of fan, the effect of conveyer, and the insulation of air network.
D. Temperature difference between environment and material, the smaller the better, the time of temperature dropping of finished product should be prolonged.

3. Pay attention to the spraying equipment and check if the spraying is normal.
4. Pay attention to the weather during the night production, strengthen the control during bad weather.
5. We had better produce feed with uncontrollable moisture at noon.
6. Use a modified formula if the above operation is ineffective.
7. But poor-quality equipment will seriously affect the production effect.
8. Reduce the conditioning temperature. Due to the temperature difference between winter and summer, if we want to reach the same temperature, we need higher steam volume in winter.

Conditioning and cooling are the key to control the moisture of pellet products. Conditioning depends largely on the operator's experience. The amount of steam and temperature are generally controlled according to the moisture content of powder before conditioning, while the conditioning time should be controlled according to the characteristics of the physiological period of animal. The cooling effect of cooler directly affects the moisture and temperature...

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