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How To Choose Feed Pellet Machine

It is an important problem to choose a suitable feed pellet mill, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer provides kinds of pellet making machine to meet the requirements of customers.  

The Development Of The Feed Pellet Mill

With the continuous development and progress of the breeding industry, the feeding of animal feed pellets is becoming more and more strict. From the original ragweed to the later powder, wet mix to the current animal feed pellets. It is all about making the poultry grow better with less investment. Taking powder as an example, although the original powder used the feed crusher to crusher the raw materials into the powder, it caused headaches for the farmers due to serious food waste, poor palatability, and picky food.


Later, with the development of science and technology, the emergence of feed pellet machine has changed the status quo of many farmers. It not only eases the problem of waste of feed ingredients but also increases the palatability of livestock and is favored by the majority of farmers.

How To Choose The Matching Feed Pellet Machine

How to choose the matching feed pellet machine? What should pay attention to when purchasing a feed pellet machine?

When choosing a feed pellet machine, in addition to seeing how much production you need from your own farm, you need to know what ingredients are available from the ingredients. For a family-type farm, if the raw materials are powder, such as corn flour, wheat bran, etc. When the required pellets per day are about 100 kg, you can use a three-phase electric or three-phase electric small pellet machine.


If the farm is a medium or large farm and the required animal feed pellets are large, then you can consider using a ring die pellet machine. If it is to do cattle, sheep feed with the straw type of material is relatively large, remember to dry the raw materials, crushing, and then pelletization. If the required output is large, the forced feeder should configure when purchasing the ring die pellet machine. Otherwise, the straw material is too light, and there is a possibility that the pelletization is uneven.

Feed Pellet Production Line Equipment

For some professional feed mills and large farms, the simple configuration is not enough to meet the production requirements of the plant, then a complete feed pellet production line needed to help improve production efficiency. So what constitutes of a small feed pellet production equipment?

A small set of feed pellet production line generally consists of the following components. They are permanent magnet cylinder, feed hammer mill, pulse dust collector, screw conveyor, feed mixer, pelletized silo, feed pellet mill, bucket elevator, and finished warehouse. Some manufacturers will also equip with auxiliary cooling packaging devices such as counter flow cooler and automatic packing machine.


The above several devices are the basic configuration of the complete set. For the...

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