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How can a feed production line work stably for 20 years? Amazing ZhengChang helps you!


20 years ago, general manger Liu of Inner Mongolia ZHONGZHENG Industry, was keenly aware of the opportunities in agriculture and animal husbandry feed market in local environment. With ZhengChang’s stable and reliable feed equipment, the high-quality feed, as well as its excellent operating conditions, ZHONGZHENG Industry stood out in the complicated feed market at that time and flourished.


As a non-expert for the construction of feed plants, Mr. Liu looked up various materials and consulted a large number of enterprises in the early stage. The complicated feed market made him temporarily confused. In view of our rich customer service experience, high professionalism and tailored solutions, he chose ZHENG CHANG.


Since then, ZHENG CHANG equipment has been running stably for 20 years. The performance and production efficiency have greatly exceeded the expectation of customer, creating considerable economic benefits, making the enterprise a leader in local agriculture and animal husbandry.


"ZHENG CHANG feed project is stable and reliable!" Mr. Liu always said, "For 20 years, ZHENG CHANG equipment still runs normally. In addition to the reliable quality of the equipment itself, it also benefits from the precise design of the plant area and equipment layout from ZHENG CHANG. Reasonable space layout makes it easy to  maintain the equipment, prolonging the service life. The component replacement mechanism also greatly facilitates...

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