Herbal Treatment Intestinal Chronic Necrotic Enteritis in Poultry

Herbal Treatment Intestinal Chronic Necrotic Enteritis in Poultry


Intestine Protector / Prevention And Treatment For Poultry Enteritis -Multi Entertis 

Dosage From: Oral Solution
Per Liter Contain    
Forsythia suspensa----------7200mg    Ophiopogon japonicus----5350mg
Panax quinquefolium--------5300mg    Guanmutong,--------------6000mg
Gypsum-----------------------2500mg       QS--------------------------------1 Liter

Product feature:
1.Protect the intestine. Can prevent and treat enteritis.
2.It has obvious preventive and therapeutic effects on salpingitis
3.Promoting cellular immunity. Promoting growth and health care.
4.Absorption rate over 99% . 0 side effect for poultry.
5.Improve eggshell quality. Improve feed conversion rate

Administration and dosage:
Enteritis. Prevention  -  500 ml mix water 3.5 ton Enteritis.
Treatment  -  500 ml mix water 1 ton

Shelf Life: 2 years


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