Heat Transfer and Building Solution

Heat is the quality of being hot. Either too much or too little of it will create discomfort. In the summer, it penetrates a structure through the roof and envelope while warms up the interior to uncomfortable levels for all animals and in the winter, it leaks through the roof and allows cold air to take place.

When it comes to heat, there are three main types of heat that the livestock industry should be aware about:

A. Radiation is a heat flux through electromagnetic waves, the heat source can be transmitted through air or vacuum to a cold surface at 300,000 km per second. For example; feeling hot when standing close to a fire. The radiation from the sun to the animals inside, even under the roof can lead to heat stress (which will be discuss further more in the next article). 

B. Conduction is heat flux through solid materials, the molecules on the hot side transfer the energy to slower moving molecules on the cold side. For example; touching a hot cup of coffee or the heat rising up from the surface of where the animals are...

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