(Grand)Parents, Layers & Broilers

(Grand)Parents, Layers & Broilers
Intuitive interface

Back in 2016 we launched the I Grow Chicken App. Based on the simple notion that any poultry farmer has the need for better data. Regardless of size, breed or ownership structure. 

Independent producer or part of an integration. We also believe that it is in the best interest of the farmer to have all his data needs in 1 place, with an independent data provider. Giving him the freedom to change supplier yet continue running his information system.

I Grow Chicken caters to farmers from 250 to > 20 million birds. 

We support farming operations with information how to keep their operations healthy: operationally & financially. We plan, operate and analyse

I Grow Chicken supports registration of all relevant parameters: mortality; feed; water; temperature high low; humidity high low; check weighing for birds and eggs; egg picking and grading; vaccination programs and medication; etc.;


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