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Global poultry leaders meet at Petersime HQ for a look into the future

Global poultry leaders meet at Petersime HQ for a look into the future

The poultry world is continuously evolving, but one thing is for sure: keeping on top of the latest developments is key. That’s what brought together a group of poultry leaders out of 19 different countries for the Poultry Performance Conference in Belgium.

Petersime cares about sharing knowledge and insights. Not only on the operational level, for which the Operational Excellence Days are being organized worldwide. Also, on a broader and strategic level, like gaining insights in the worldwide poultry industry and discovering the challenges we’re facing today. Through education, networking and lively discussions, we aim to inspire, connect and energize the poultry community globally.

This is exactly what happened during the 3rd edition of the Poultry Performance Conference. On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 September, the leading lights of renown poultry players worldwide joined together in the town of Sint-Martens-Latem, nearby the Petersime headquarters. Their common goal? Keeping track of the latest challenges and potential solutions to ensure the poultry value chain can meet the demands of the future.

Some of the hot topics of this exclusive 2-day conference: What’s the global poultry outlook? How to feed and not eat the world? What are the perspectives and challenges for poultry breeding? And what about the ‘golden rules of incubation’? Are these still relevant? The speakers weighed in on both the problems the industry is facing and possible solutions.

But most importantly, did the topics meet the expectations of the attendees? Mr Claudio Ambrogio from Aviagen Italia affirms: “If it met my expectations? Of course, it was even better than I expected it to be! The atmosphere was really open-minded, totally different...

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