Fulvic acids from drinking water

Fulvic acids from drinking water

Strong partners: Vitens NV and HUMINTECH GmbH

Leading Dutch water supplier Vitens NV and German biotech company HUMINTECH GmbH have realized the first goals of their exclusive partnership: As part of their ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE principle, Vitens is supplying HUMINTECH with food-grade quality fulvic acids extracted from drinking water, while HUMINTECH turns these fulvic acids into high quality products for livestock breeding, agriculture and horticulture.

What are fulvic acids?

Fulvic acids are a water soluble compound of humic substances. They form during the biodegradation of plant material, also known as humification. That’s why fulvic acids are present in almost any soil. They function as natural complexing agents, enhance the availability of minerals and inhibit the growth of harmful germs. Peat soils are especially rich in fulvic acids and are thus used as soil conditioners, plant fortifiers and as a fodder additive.

Fulvic acids as animal feed

Factually, fulvic acids fulfill a similar function inside the digestive tract of breeding animals as they do in soils: They improve feed conversion and help to reduce diseases of the gastrointestinal tract by inhibiting bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and prevent their take-up inside the digestive system. The germs bound to the fulvic acids and are excreted with them.

While grazing animals take up fulvic acids and other humic substances from the soil, they are utterly missing in the feed recipes for modern factory farming — despite the fact that they have always been a natural component of daily fodder. There’s a reason why they go unheeded by most: To produce pure fulvic acids has yet been very arduous and expensive.

Fulvic acids from Frisia

That has changed now. Leading Dutch water supplier Vitens NV has succeeded in extracting ultrapure fulvic acids out of groundwater. Before the water gets pumped up, it flows through different layers of peat, accumulating the containing fulvic acids. As fulvic acids give water a dull coloration, they are normally filtered and disposed. Vitens has developed a patented process that makes it possible for the first time to extract the fulvic acids in an eco-friendly way, using no chemical additives to ensure a food-grade commodity.  


Strong partners: Vitens und HUMINTECH

Within the frame of an exclusive partnership launched in 2016, German HUMINTECH GmbH turns Vitens‘ fulvic acids into high quality products for livestock breeding, agriculture and horticulture. HUMINTECH is a quality leader on the global market for humic substances based goods, and contributes — just like Vitens — decades of experience in research, development and application to the partnership.

It’s not only Dutch and German farmers that can profit from this collaboration: Due to an international distribution system, HUMINTECH is able to...

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Daniel Molnar

Daniel Molnar

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