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Free seminar early feeding

Free seminar early feeding

Great news - Sponsor found for Seminar Early Feeding.

Join us at our FREE seminar on March 12 in Bangkok, preceding VIV Asia:
A 1-day seminar to make your profitability in poultry production future-proof. 

Keynote speaker Ron Meijerhof will share his beliefs and opinions, and the science to back it. 

Marc de Visser, Gerrit Van der Linde, Joost van Bijsterveldt, Bouke Hamminga, Jason Cormick, and Simon McKenzie will pitch their products and beliefs. 

Bart Janssen will share his expercience with homehatching and early feeding.
Don’t miss it, our 1-day seminar that combines scientific knowlegde, technical findings, and practical experience. More info and registration:


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Dineke Rietveld

Dineke Rietveld

Learning & development expert

In cooperation with the VIV the Hatchery Academy organises the Seminar Early Feeding on March 12 in Bangkok, preceding VIV Asia. The Hatchery Academy provides specific, practically-oriented training in hatchery management. Our training programmes focus on transferring knowledge, training skills, exchanging experience, and encouraging new behaviour.

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