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" Formula + Technology" Integrated Solution for the Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever

In August 2018, China discovered the first case of African swine plague. At present, the situation is still very grim that most provinces have been invaded by African swine fever. 


African swine fever is an acute, hemorrhagic and strong infectious disease caused by African swine fever virus. It has high infectivity, morbidity and mortality. Besides, the virus is stable at low temperature, inactivated at 56℃/70min and 60℃/20min.

In recent months, the news of suspected African swine fever virus detected in a feed sample has gotten about, which has sounded an alarm to feed enterprises all over the country.

Feed, as the source of all nutrients for animal growth, is closely related to African swine fever. Dr. Scott, an internationally renowned feed expert, pointed out that the virus may also be carried in feed raw materials, and can survive for a long time under conventional conditions. It can survive in soybean meal even for more than 30 days.

Relying on 26 years of experience in providing "formula + technology" service to feed enterprises, Liyang ZhengChang Feed Sci&Tech is seeking for a method of completely killing "African swine fever" virus in feed from the aspect of "formula + technology".

1. Formula prevention and control 

1) High-quality raw material


The supply chain of feed raw materials is very important. Therefore, we should avoid purchasing raw materials from small suppliers (such as retailers), purchasing raw materials dried in the open air and purchasing raw materials from serious epidemic areas, to prevent African swine fever virus from the source.

2) Avoid using homologous products as feed materials
Data indicates that pig related products are more likely to carry African swine fever virus. The formula of ZhengChang Feed Sci&Tech is designed to ensure the biological safety of pig farms, stop using animal-derived proteins such as plasma and intestinal membrane proteins, attach importance to raw materials with high digestibility and low antigen protein, and maximize the input-output ratio of nutrition throughout the system.

3) Use functional additives
ZhengChang Feed Sci&Tech uses the traditional Chinese herbal medicines, advanced technology, patented products and natural plant extracts "Flowishing" additives, which can effectively improve pig immunity and enhance the resistance to...

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