Feedligos-GOS, an Ideal Prebiotics for Animal

Feedligos-GOS, an Ideal Prebiotics for Animal

Feedligos-GOS, a product of prebiotics, is able to stimulate broad spectrum of intestinal probiotics and confer health benefits upon the host. Not only improving gut health but also providing the positive effect of growth and immune system.  

For example: 

  • Weaned Piglets: reduce diarrhea rate, improve weight gain.
  • Sow: relieve constipation during pregnancy period
  • Broiler: lower death rate and improve weight gain
  • Layer: higher egg production (egg weight, shell strength) 
  • Aquaculture: enhance the immune system, reduce death rate. 

 Besides, Feedligos-GOS is heat-stable prebiotics, so it will not degrade through extrusion or any high temperature process. 

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