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Energy consumption analysis of feed production

In the study of the main process of feed production, the core content is to analyze the energy consumption, and to find out the main equipment consuming energy in the process. According to the specific circumstances, the corresponding energy saving technology is adopted to solve the problem of excessive energy consumption in the main process of feed production, to ensure that the feed producing is efficiently completed.


1 Necessity of research on energy consumption analysis and energy saving technology

1.1 Study on the necessity of energy consumption analysis at the target level of feed production

In the process of feed production, pellet feed can better mix powder feed, which has higher value. During the process of pellet feed production, if feed enterprises with large energy consumption want to develop healthily and continuously, they must summarize and analyze the most energy-consuming parts in each process of feed production, in order to ensure the effective production of feed.

1.2 Study on the necessity of energy consumption analysis at the process level of feed production
1)Researching at the process level, especially the energy consumption analysis on the process with excessive energy consumption, can reduce the influence of energy saving technology at the energy consumption level and control the whole feed production process. At the same time, the energy consumption in feed production process is mainly concentrated on pelleting equipment and mixing equipment. If we don't pay attention to energy consumption control, it will probably cause up to 70% of energy waste.


2)Through the analysis of energy consumption in production process, researching on pellet equipment and mixing section can help to improve energy efficiency and ensure the successful completion of the whole process, in the process of energy resources control. 


2 Selecting appropriate energy saving technology based on energy consumption analysis in the main process of feed production

2.1 Energy saving technology applied to the crushing process


In the analysis of energy consumption during the feed crushing process, the advanced energy saving technology can be used to improve the efficiency of feed processing and reduce the energy consumption.

Specifically, the following energy saving technology can be used:

First, during the selection of the crushing process, select optimal crushing process and secondary crushing process, so that it can reduce the energy consumption caused by the different characteristics of feed raw materials, saving nearly 50% of energy than the traditional crushing process;

Second, in the study of crushing strength, through the survey of animals’ digestibility, we can take effect of crushing according to the crushing strength, without achieving traditional crushing strength.
2.2 Energy saving technology applied to the pelleting process
During the research of energy...

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