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Egg handling equipment

Egg handling equipment

Valentijn Crum, Business Development Manager at Prinzen, part of the Vencomatic Group, tells us about the company history and the stunning advances made over time, starting from its foundation up to its today leading role in egg handling equipment.

First to invent the points down setting for eggs
Prinzen was founded in 1984 when Mr. Louis Prinzen decided to start his own business. Prinzen began with maintenance and service of egg handling equipment within the domestic market. Soon the company started developing its own machines to satisfy a niche market of specialists in hatching egg handling and for simple egg transfer. Prinzen was the first one to invent the points down setting for eggs, which represents a key factor for hatching egg pro cessing at breeder farms and in the hatchery. During the following 20 years, the company grew significantly and became a leader in the egg handling sector. In 1999, Cor van de Ven acquired the company; he was in the nest sector, but intended to start offering customers complete solutions. Valentijn states: “The company’s philosophy focuses on being present in each country, working with local dealers; the reason is local people know the market, the culture, local regulations very well, and can be therefore more accurate in their feedback to us. Over time, Prinzen has build a global network of specialised dealers with a wide distribution network, selling all over the world. Just think that every day some 850 millions eggs are packed with Prinzen machines.”
Prinzen’s core business
“We produce both small machines and big machines to meet every customer’s need. We know that putting a lot of technology inside the machine can be a risk, so we prefer designing our equipment with the big part of it to be mechanical. We do not produce egg grading and packing machines for central packing stations, as we are fully focused on farm packing.” – Valentijn explains. The company is active in 3 basic segments: table eggs on farm, hatching eggs on farm and inside the hatchery. In the hatching eggs sector, the company has the majority worldwide market share with operations in Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, US, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. “We are the leader in the hatching eggs automation and we develop some 30 to 40 hatchery projects per year globally. Our best features are: labour saving, the points down setting, grading by weight and the complete line of process. We sell directly to large integrations through our dealers, and via our own sales team” – adds Valentijn.

Prinzen’s success constantly growing
Every day millions of hatching eggs are carefully handled and set by Prinzen machines worldwide. With the Prinzen PSPC series automation of hatching eggs setting goes one step further, placing hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. These trays are automatically fed and brought into position. The Prinzen egg transfer system lifts and places eggs gently onto the setter trays. The machines have a capacity of up to 30.000 eggs per hour, depending on the type of setter tray. The machines are easy to operate and constructed in robust stainless steel allowing easy service and accessibility for cleaning. In addition, the egg intake and transfer operation can be combined...

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