Efficient Broiler Feed Production Line

In September 2017, ZHENG CHANG construction team left for Jiamusi, Heilongjiang. 
Jiamusi, one of the most attractive cities in China, it is the bridge connecting to Russia and Northeast Asia.


In April 2012, Heilongjiang Dajinnong Agricultural Development Company, was formally established, with investment of 300 million RMB. It is mainly engaged in 50 million broilers slaughtering and processing. As a subordinate enterprise, Fujin Huijin Feed Company has an annual capacity of 300 thousand tons of feed.


Relying on the high-quality and abundant corn and soybean resources in Fujin, Huijin Feed introduces the most advanced feed production and processing equipment of ZHENG CHANG, which can produce all kinds of livestock and poultry feed such as chicken, pig, cow, fish and so on. ZHENG CHANG Feed Engineering has advanced production technology, scientific formula, high automation, controllable product quality, playing a supporting role in reducing the breeding cost, raising efficiency, ensuring product quality and food safety.


Since the project was formally started, ZHENG CHANG staffs have been fully engaged in the work. From the first board to the last screw, the employees worked overtime to ensure the early production for the customer, which is highly recognized by the leaders of Huijin Feed.


With the joint efforts of both sides, the project successfully entered the debugging phase on November 20, 2017. During the construction process, ZHENG CHANG...

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