Easy-entry poultry cut-up automation

Easy-entry poultry cut-up automation

ACM-NT Compact’s customized set-up always matches space and budget 

In today’s tough times, there are various reasons for poultry processors to reconsider the number of operatives in their cut-up department and think about automating the process. Even if space is at a premium and budget is important, Marel’s ACM-NT Compact automated cut-up solution can fit in any poultry processing plant to fulfill all of the cut-up needs. Making use of ACM-NT’s proven breast, leg and wing cutting modules, the custom-designed system can make any high-grade chicken part customers ask for.   

When a market, wherever in the world, gradually moves from whole bird to chicken parts, the volume of cut-up parts might be getting too large to handle manually, also in terms of labor availability. This is the perfect moment to take the first step in cut-up automation. Marel’s ACM-NT Compact is a “slim fit” cut-up system that will always match budgets. It is the easy-entry ticket to the world of automated cut-up.

Flexible set-up with countless options 

 Each individual processor can set up the ACM-NT Compact cut-up system just like it will fit best in the production. Its flexible layout allows to head out in all directions. It all depends on what kind of end products are to be produced. It’s possible to focus on wing products, leg products or breast products. Once the appropriate modules that comply with customers’ end products demands have been chosen, ACM-NT Compact does what it needs to do and fulfills all product needs, the options are countless. While performing the highest percentage of A-grade cuts in the...

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