Early Feeding or not?

Early Feeding or not?

The necessity of early feeding for future-proof poultry production

Slowly but surely, hatcheries and integrations are embracing early feeding as a mean to make their profitability in poultry production future-proof. Since the early 90’s a lot of studies have been conducted, revealing early feeding can be beneficial for chick performance and chick welfare. But how do we come to a well-thought-out decision on implementing early feeding? Join us at the Seminar Early Feeding and you'll find out!

Immediate access of chicks to nutrients enhances growth rate, yolk utilisation, gastro-intestinal development, and immune system stimulation. Therefore, overall performance and welfare of broilers might be increased, and the use of antibiotics reduced by the practice of early feeding. Is it really as simple as that? Do chicks really need early feeding for a good and healthy start?

Ron Meijerhof, independent hatchery expert, is critical over the results of the conducted studies. According to Ron it’s really important to know what technical data are included in the study to come to a well-thought-out conclusion. Besides that, the characteristics of the control group are effecting the outcomes as well. 

Ron also stresses that the potential benefits of early feeding must be compared to the potential negative impacts. That doesn’t mean that there are no benefits of feeding chicks...

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Dineke Rietveld

Dineke Rietveld

Learning & development expert

In cooperation with the VIV the Hatchery Academy organises the Seminar Early Feeding on March 12 in Bangkok, preceding VIV Asia. The Hatchery Academy provides specific, practically-oriented training in hatchery management. Our training programmes focus on transferring knowledge, training skills, exchanging experience, and encouraging new behaviour.

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