Dr Clara Trullàs confirmed to speak at Aquatic Asia Conference

Dr Clara Trullàs confirmed to speak at Aquatic Asia Conference

Dr Clara Trullàs, of Tanin Sevnica, is confirmed to be delivering a presentation at the Aquatic Asia Conference, taking place during VIV Asia on March 14th.


Her talk is entitled 'The Use of tannins in shrimp farming', and the abstract is as follows:

"The major role of shrimp in the aquaculture in Asia and the Pacific has been constantly challenged by infectious disease outbreaks, which keeps being the main issue in shrimp aquaculture worldwide. Given the strong need for avoidance of the prophylactic use of antibiotics, implementing alternative prophylactic strategies as part of the good management practices of a farm is a necessity. The inclusion of hydrolysable tannins extracted from the sweet chestnut tree in shrimp feeds has immunostimulant, antioxidant and growth-promoting effects in the shrimp. Also, their ammonia-binding effect could contribute to a lower excretion of ammonium-nitrogen in the water."

The Aquatic Asia Conference 2019's theme will be 'Shrimp Farming and Farm Technology', and encompasses all things relating to shrimp and their use in the aquaculture industry.

The conference is aimed at fish and shrimp farmers, veterinarians, fish feed millers and investors.

Several international industry experts have already been confirmed to speak, including...

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