​Detoxification Repair Hepatocytes Strengthen Liver Function for Chicken Fowl Liver Disease​

​Detoxification Repair Hepatocytes Strengthen Liver Function for Chicken Fowl Liver Disease​


Detoxification / Rrepair Hepatocytes / Strengthen Liver Function  / Promoting Hepatocyte Regeneration Liver - Liver Protection

Main Composition: Oxymatrine. Silymarin. Diammonium glycyrrhizinate. oleanolic acid

1. Can use together with any antibiotic . Removing liver toxins. Help antibiotics produce maximum effect.
2. Repair liver cells. Help the liver quickly restore function. And improve liver detoxification ability.
3. It has a good effect on liver necrosis, cirrhosis, hepatomegaly, liver rupture, liver atrophy, liver ascites, fatty liver.  

Dosage: 500g Mix Water 750kg 100g Mix Water 250kg

Shelf life:  3  years  

Package: 100g / 500g


We Are Professional Poultry Herbal Non Antibiotic Manufacturer / Exporter From China .  Advantage products like –  -Respiratory (Disease Caused by Fungus/Mycoplasma/ Mix Viral / Expectorant + Bronchial Embolism Medicine )

Antiviral      (Antiviral + Cure Flu (Early Fever) +Cure Respiratroy 4 Function One Medicine ) -Nutritional     (Exclusive Nanotechnology . High Absorptivity 4-5 Times Than Normal Product ) -Coccidium    (Prure Herbal Extract . Cure Cecum Coccidiosis. Low Recurrence Rate ) -Mold Killer    (Nanometer Mycotoxin Binder (Solution). Inhibit Mold . Clean water line )   .. Etc.

Our product advantage as follows: 1.Same function products . Our product result best . 2.Exclusive technology production process . Keep product   Uniqueness. Farmer...

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