DE MARK INDUSTRIAL on Booth H100-3282

DE MARK INDUSTRIAL on Booth H100-3282

Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd is established in late 2017 and committed to export trading of veterinary pharmaceutical raw materials (APIs), feed ingredients and specialty additives and supplements for pigs, poultry, ruminants,and fish/shrimp as well. We are currently represented in twenty-plus countries around the world.

OEM business is expanded to cater the growing overseas demand for the medicated and nutritional premix in pellet,coated granule and solid solution. These premix processed by innovative technology are proved to gain improved stability, pallatability and efficiency.


  • Solid Solution                   :  500MT/a
  • Coated Microparticle     : 500MT/a
  • Sustained-release Microcapsulation  :1000MT/a
  • Enteric Coating                :500MT/a

We have rich experience in supplying mixed FCL to clients, that...

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Ronnick FONG

Ronnick FONG

Executive Director, Hangzhou De Mark Industrial Co Ltd

A global distributer of superior quality vet APIs, vitamins, feed ingredients and specialty additives. A trusted OEM manufacturer of medicated and nutritional premix.

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